Plano B

Plano B is, more than a club, an interdisciplinary venue split over two floors and a series of large rooms with different atmospheres, being a cultural area with excellent conditions for holding exhibitions of visual arts, design and architecture, conferences, theatre, dance and performance, film series and workshops, as well as it can shift into a commercial space with capacity to hold a shop with cafe and bar support, or a multipurpose space to host concerts and clubnights, from jazz to rock, electronic and experimental music.
Founded in December 2006 at the hands of the architects Bernardo Fonseca, Filipe Teixeira and the fine artist / musician João Carlos Teixeira (and joined lately by the music producer Filipe Galante), Plano B is a space that emerged with the aim of boosting the downtown area of Porto, creating a new focus for culture and entertainment.
From its long entrance hall to the giant red curtains at the door, the place oozes Boho-Chic, being filled with mismatched couches, retro mirrors and objects, inviting the customers into a chilled, friendly, eclectic and dynamic atmosphere. Ornate lamps and quirky light fixtures add to the impression that this is where the cool crowd hangs out.
The space is divided on two floors and three rooms with music, taking up a gallery in the front, a tall-ceilinged café / bar (with free wireless access) in the back, and below a cosy downstairs where DJs and live bands hold court with a room designed to stage concerts and a cube room dedicated to electronic music, able to receive DJs, live acts and video jamming.
On Saturdays, the space opens up in the afternoon with a refined selection of quality domestic products such as wines, cheeses, jams, teas and other delicacies.


0.4km from center
Tue - Wed 22:00 - 02:00
Thu 22:00 - 04:00
Fri - Sat 22:00 - 06:00