Gardens of the Crystal Palace

The Romantic Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, designed by the German landscape architect Émille David at the end of the XIX century, occupy an area of 8 hectares in Porto’s centre.
Crossing the Avenida das Tílias (Avenue of the Linden trees) you will reach the Charles Albert Chapel, a monument built in memory of Charles Albert of Savoy, the King of Piemonte-Sardinia, who was exiled to Porto after defeat to the Austrians and died at the Macierinha farm, nearby the gardens.

The real secret of these gardens are the strategic viewpoints, which offer great panoramic views over the Douro river.

Porto’s original Crystal Palace has been replaced by the Rosa Mota Pavilion, a venue for sports and cultural events. Inside the gardens of the Crystal Palace you can also find the Almeida Garrett Library.

In 2014, the gardens of the Crystal Palace were elected, by the European Best Destination, the 9th best urban park in Europe in the same ranking that appear the well known parks El Retiro (Madrid), Hyde Park (London), Tiergarten (Berlin), Park Güell (Barcelona) and the Vondelpark (Amesterdam).

4.0/5    Top: #34

1.4km from center

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