Art District

The art district covers the street Miguel Bombarda (the epicenter), and the adjacent arteries: Breyner, Maternidade, Rosário, Adolfo Casais Monteiro, Boa Nova and D. Manuel II.
The proximity of all the galleries, is a magnet for the lovers of art, it is like a “Soho of Porto”.

Together, the various contemporary art galleries, organize at least six times a year, the already famous “Simultaneous Inaugurations” that occur on a Saturday in the afternoon. The entrance to all galleries is free.

In addition to the art galleries, there are other alternative places and projects in some way related to the art and culture, as the alternative stores in the Bombarda Shopping Centre (CCB), an organic grocery store with an outdoor garden Quintal Bioshop, the Rota do Chá (tea house), the space Muuda, the Artes em Partes building, the shop and co-working space CRU and the bar Breyner 85, which is a school of music, a recording studio, dance studios, rooms for bands, one bar and a concert hall and in the summer shows film sessions in the garden-terrace .

There is still along these streets, alternative clothing stores, vintage or imited editions and unique pieces designed by new creators, who bring fashion to this art district.


1.1km from center