Era uma vez em Paris

Era uma vez em Paris (once upon a time in Paris) that’s how it begins a new history, a place with Paris in Porto, apart from the known city of love, lights, berets, different from what is geographic and romantically placed closer to the heart of Europe.
Now for the most attentive and alert way, for the most inattentive, the Era uma vez em Paris is a continuation of a journey that began in Era uma vez no Porto, this place, which (already) so many stories it has to tell, in some whisper at all, other conversationally, cataloged conventionally regular and other enthusiastically shouted.
Era uma vez em Paris is intended as a timeless space, show that the world, after all, is small and that the human being and the environment despite being unique, can also, in certain positions, be cross and quite equal.
Era uma vez em Paris located at Galeria de Paris street, one of the busiest of the city’s night marks the Bar register to indie music sound and a lot of revelry.

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