Progresso Coffee

It is a coffee in Porto.
It is the coffee in Porto.
It is the oldest coffee in Porto.
It is the coffee where you can sit, talk, ask for a BAG OF EXCELLENT COFFEE.
It is a COFFEE / HOME of friends who meet and seek each other.
It is a coffee that is imposed but not exposed.
It is a cafe where you want to go back ever.


Author: LFF

The oldest coffee in Porto opened its doors in 1899, next to Carlos Alberto Square (in Porto downtown), and was renovated in 2005, intending to capture new audiences without alienating the existing customers. The menu got a welcomed update, adding crepes, ice cream and the brunch option.
The brunch, or “Breakfast Menu”, has three variants and is served every day at any time of day. Two of the versions resemble a careful Portuguese breakfast with milk and tea, cereals, coffee, fresh orange juice, “bijou” croissants and toasts, and bread with butter or jam. The other version, “bom dia” (good morning), has an Anglo-Saxon touch with scrambled eggs.

The place is warm and friendly and the atmosphere is very familiar.
Often hosts cultural events.

4.0/5    Top: #559

0.5km from center
Mon - Thu 07:00 - 19:00
Fri - Sat 07:00 - 00:30

Wi-Fi Debit card 
Reservations  +351223322647